If You're Having a Crummy Day...
Brush Off the Crumbs, 2002
  This book was written in part with the Neuropathy Support Group of Jacksonville, Florida. The group wanted to have a fundraiser and send the money to The Neuropathy Association. Cushing has had the ailment since 1997 and started the support group with Dr. Alan Berger as the main speaker each month.
  The Support Group members decided if Mims could put together a book of her short essays, they would come up with tips regarding ways to live with Neuropathy, which they did. They raised more than $10,000 to send to "TNA". The book won an award with the Florida Writers Association.
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  You may purchase an autographed copy by sending a request to Mims Cushing using the Contact page of this web site.
You CAN Cope With Peripheral Neuropathy:
365 Tips for Living a Full Life, 2009
  Demos Health read some of Cushing's writing in Crummy Days. An editor at Demos asked her to write a couple of hundred pages and come up with 100 tips to cope with Peripheral Neuropathy. She came up with 365. It had a section by Norman Latov, M.D., noted specialist in neuropathy at New York City's Cornell University. Numerous people with this illness contributed their personal experiences from many places in the United States and abroad. This book won a Royal Palm Literary Award from Florida Writers Association.
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  ♥ To sample the e-reader book or to order from Amazon CLICK HERE
  For a paperback, call Demos Health at New York (212) 683-0072 Ext. 223 or order it from any bookstore in the USA.
The Sleepover Surprise, 2010
  Knowing that their grandmother was a writer, her grandchildren asked her to write a book that included them. They had shared an event that touched Cushing, and she thought it would be a memoir that parents and grandparents could use as a model to write a memoir of their experiences with their children. Cushing taught memoir writing for many years and has kept a daily diary since the age of eight.
  The book was illustrated by noted artist Alan Phillips.
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  Call The Peppertree Press in Florida at (941) 922-2662.
A celebration with the Neuropathy Support Group following the publication of "Crummy Days."
Neuropathy Support Group members. The group now meets at Shands Jacksonville Hospital every second Saturday. For more information, call Karen Perrin,
(904) 244-9719.
Illustration from "Sleepover Surprise."