Cushing learned how to write profiles during the late 1970s
when she went to Breadloaf Writers Conference in Middlebury, Vermont.


The New York Times (Connecticut section)

A Mother's Joys
The Plight of the Surrogate Complainer
The 7:55 to Grand Central
Season for Sadness

Connecticut Magazine

Lena's Ark

Profiles Magazine

Last One in Is a Winner Too: Stamford's Classic Marathon (cover)
Martha Stewart's Quick Cook Recipe for Success (cover)
The Prince of Pools (also a sales brochure)
The Shape You'd Like to Swim in This Summer
When the First Leaf Falls ... Who Should Build My Pool?
America Perfected: Charles Wysocki's Art
The Parties are Over! Long Live the Parties!
Joanne Nesti: Thirty Doesn't End at WVIT
Sitting Pretty for the SATs (Won a Matrix award with WICI)
The Best Boat, Best Crew: The America's Cup Stars & Stripes Wars
So You Want to Write a Book? Anne Edwards Tells How
"Tennis Everyone?" (Cover)
Baby (and Nanny) on Board: Helping Hands of Wilton
Dolli Tingle's Bears and Christmas Joys
Wrestling Isn't 'Rasslin' --- WWF Takes a Hulk-Step Forward
David G. Lyon: Brown Bagger
Holiday Fare
Does `The Great Holiday Thaw' Best Describe Your Cooking?

Caribbean Travel and Life

Owning Some Vanilla Sand: Aruba's Timeshares
Where Was The Norway When They Needed Her?

Business Digest

The Big Sleep: Does Hypnosis Really Work?
A Taxing Time for Taxpayers
How to Present Yourself on TV in 60 Seconds
Lyla Ward's Party Place
East Coast Exotic Cars: Driving Ambition

Southern Connecticut Business Journal

Where Have All the Nurses Gone?
Scanning New Horizons at U-Design

Progressive Grocer

How to Start a Focus Group at Your Store

Practical Gourmet

Tumblin' Tumbleweeds Aren't in These Lobbies
Divine Providence: Strolling Through

The Research Institute of America

In Search of...The Best Tapes

Spotlight Magazine

Life in the Beautiful Lane: Five Top Models (cover)
Who Is Teaching the Great Chefs of America? (cover)
Special Baby on Board
A Drum Roll for Bobby Rosengarden (cover)
Spotlight on Stew Leonard
Browsing the New Stores
Spotlight on Luther Simjian
The Surgeon Who Hates to Cut: Dr. Saul Asken
Fred Weinberg's Adventures in Sound
Wojtek Fibak: Keeping His Eye on Art
Darien's Mayor of Millionaire's Row
Surviving Buchenwald
The Nuts and Bolts of the Hardware Business
Spotlight on James L. Bast, CEO, Dictaphone
Vladimir Babadzhan, Founder of Westchester Music School

Travel Hotline - Comp-U-Card

Skiing in Europe
Tables, Glorious Tables
Music, Sweet Music

Connecticut Woman

Sue Rider: The Force Behind Literacy Volunteers

Fairfield County Woman

In Vitro Fertilization Comes of Age
Pooling Your Income

Monitor - a Magazine for Shopping Center Entrepreneurs

Lighting: It's Not Plain Vanilla Anymore

Physicians Travel and Meeting Guide

The Five Best Beaches in the World

Working Smart - Xerox Learning Systems Newsletters for Executives

Super Numbers for Fast Fact Gathering
Shortcuts to Information Retrieval

Listen USA! (catalog)

Fabulous Motivational Tapes for Fabulous Listening (marketing catalog)
The Advocate -- Stamford, CT

The following articles appeared as features in the newspaper's Sunday magazine, "Compass" or in "Lifestyle."

Gourmet on the Corner (cover)
Surf'n and Swing'n on a Jazz Cruise
Jumping Toward the Gold: Gymnastic Fever Spreads (cover)
My First and Last Scrabble Tournament
Dear (Somewhat, Sort of) Valentine
No Job Wanted
Coping With Boats
Chippen'off Furniture
Marriage and Romance
Sleeping Aboard Sloops
Back to School
Raise the Boom! My Souffle Fell
May This House be Safe From Raccoons
Noah Would Have Loved the Sound
Bovina Center: A Foliage Checkpoint
Boats and Bumperstickers
Basement Room Magic
Corporate Casualties

Water's Edge (Jacksonville, Florida)

The Houseguest
River of Bliss
Feline Works of Art
Porch Tails
Believe! A Christmas Fairyland in Ponte Vedra Beach
Salty Dogs
Artist: Alan Phillips
In the summertime --- late '70s--- Cushing wrote humorous features about being a skipper's first mate in the Sunday "Compass" section of The Stamford Advocate newspaper. Today she prefers pools.
Royal and proud Charlie, papa
Lily, loving the salt life.