Of Florida, Family, and Furry Friends
"Writing is the hardest way of earning a living with the possible exception of wrestling alligators."
::: Olin Miller :::
This is a collection of 80 human interest stories, published in a weekly column of the Ponte Vedra Recorder.

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The Writing/Reading Life

Communicating: Do We Have To?
Words With Friends
Kindling a Love Fest With Books
Christmas, April 4, 2002
Tackling a Foreign Language. Hola Amigos
Books Are Great, But Let's Weed Them Out
Letters I Expect to Get Any Day
Here I Am. Take Me. I'm Yours.
Be Careful: Your Writing Dreams Might Come True
Lousy Childhood? Lucky You. Start Writing
Mr. Shakespeare: Thank You for Submitting Your Play, But ...
Treasures for Tomorrow: Pick a Decade and Write About It
From Soft Lead to Software: Pencils Still Rate

Children,Then and Now

Swimming in a River of Bliss
Sweet Six Months and Never Been Kidnapped
Born to Snooze
Operation Summer Camp
A Curfew For my 42-Year-Old Son Results in my Own
Time Goes By ... More or Less
Catch a Parent Doing Something Right
Is a Grandmother/Mother of Any Use?
I Believe in Teddy Bears

It's Not What Life Hands You,
It's How You Handle It

Long Lines: All Hail
Batting Around With a Condo Bat
We Need a Scratch-and-Sniff Test:

Days In Snow, Days In Sun
Holidays, Hot and Cold

A Mega, Mega Christmas
Valentine Suggestion: Chocolate Shampoo
Easter and Solitude
Mother's Day: A Fantasy in the Key of Expensive
Here's What Went On During My Summer Vacation
On With the Snow

Dogs and Cats, Of Thee I Sing

Cats Are Poetry. Sometimes
He's My Baby
Salty Dogs
Puppy, Come to Mama
The Pillsbury Dough Dog
Spoiling Your Dog, AKA the Family's Crown Prince
The Rape of the Lasagna

Bah Humbug

How Am I Expected to Open this Thing?
My Body Double Is Stalking Me
Not Born to the Purple
Vacations = Good. Back to Reality? Not

Florida and the Livin' is Easy

The Golfer Dude Is Swinging By
Expensive Bugs I've Known But Not Loved
I Learned It at Pool Aerobics
Strike Up the Band!! Mr Khan is Coming to Town
Judith Leiber Knows Bags
"Listen to the Rain on the Roof Go Pit Pitty Pat"
Putting Up With Putting Up Guests
Ponte Vedra, Beautiful Countryside, 'Tis of Thee

Organ Recitals: Getting Good and Sick and
Talking About It

Living Under House Arrest with My Pneumonia
Trying to Sleep at a Sleep Clinic
Doing a Face Plant, Falling Flat on my Pride
Going Up? Lingerie? Sportswear?
Quick! Get Me a Memory Palace
Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear
It's a Honey of a Remedy and Maybe Worth a Try

Cookies, Cake, and Ice Cream

Some People Can Eat ANYTHING
Sampling Is Addictive
Paula Deen: Be our Buddy, Please?

This and That

Where Do the Royals Hide Their Jewels?
"Mad Men" Has It Right. Sort of
Maybe We'll Get Some Answers Next Year
Cruising the High Seas: Purell is There
Not Necessarily Martha Stewart Approved
If Patience Were my Middle Name
Sex and Death Death and Sex Sex and Death
Catalog Free Means Saving a Tree
Attention Shoppers: Taxes Are Only $189,000
The Joys of a Lanyard
Is Our "Apple a Day" Crawling With Pesticides?
Are You There God? It's Me, Mims (Apologies to Judy Blume)
What's a Weekend?
Glaudia not Gloria
My Almost Deployment
Let the Great Games Begin
Standing: Jay Keeshan
L to R: Schuyler and Dave Coughlin, Mims Cushing, Kallie, Kenzie, and Melissa Coughlin
Grandchildren ... Then
Grandchildren ... Now
Furry Friends